A company originally founded in 2012, known today as TYCA Technologies, has always had one mission in mind, to offer the leading edge in practical engineering design at a fraction of the time and cost of the competitors.We believe that state of the art product development does not need to break the bank or keep you waiting. By forming solid design scopes, preventing scope creep and strategic sourcing, we can deliver fast results that are cost effective. This is accomplished by utilizing a vast network of partnerships in tangent with our diverse team of forward thinking and self motivated individuals. Our in house temperature consists of mechanical engineers, metallurgical engineers, machinists, and marketing staff.

All equipt with the latest engineering and design tools, such as Solidworks, Autocad, Rhino, CAD/CAM software, FEA (Abaqus, Ansys, and Solidworks Simulation), Adobe suites, and more. Or partnership network runs even deeper. Our staff specialists consists of one of the top Abaqus PhDs in the industry, a veteran project management engineering P.E., Globally recognized patent lawyer, and an A list of engineering consultants. For manufacturing, we partner with shops from all around the world; From Canada to South America, California to China. Focuses can range from actually making the material to full production, Inspection/testing labs to certifications. We strongly believe in our partnership network, as we feel it is the key way to speed up project delivery times as well as lowering cost by strategically coordinating phases of the project.



All successful programs begin with a solid foundation, let our teams combined abilities help you create innovative solutions.

We can help you bring your product to life with our skilled team of machinists, technicians and fabricators.
Let us help take your products from sheer concepts to marketable solutions.
Modeling and Simulation

Using the latest Computer Aided Engineering technologies, we can take your design from pen and paper to virtual reality.
Program Management


We can help your company insure that all your products are meeting consumer expectations. 


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P.O. Box 1567

Stafford, Texas 77497 \\ Tel: 832-500-5080

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday  07:00AM – 17:00PM

Saturday    09:00AM – 14:00PM


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