TYCA's Patented Kart Axle - Gold Series

TYCA’s gold series patented axles are the top of the line tunable karting axle 100% made in America.

After years of research and development we noted a huge majority of the axles on the market were produced using low cost steel and poor manufacturing methods. 

Because of our extensive background in vehicle dynamics and metallurgical expertise, we understand the major disadvantages in using low cost steel in the demanding applications of racing. Other competitors are known to use low cost, lower strength steel which can significantly hurt the kinematics of a racing vehicle. 

Our axles use high grade steel which is considerably stronger and tougher than other standard steel grades and is commonly used in the aerospace and oil and gas industries. We do not compromise on quality and reliability of our products.

A benefit of the gold series axles are their tunable feature. No need to constantly switch out different axles! This technology allows the driver to fine tune one axle with unlimited possibilities. This is accomplished by TYCA’s patented axle tuning insert and axle material selection. To tune the axle you simply remove the hub and hub key then slide in your desired insert.


"One axle, unlimited possibilities"              

The golden series TYCA axles are very different than the typical axle. The axle without inserts performs like three different axles in one. To incrementally "stiffen" your axle you can slide an insert in both the right and left side, the center, or only on one side.  Here are some of the other advantages to using our axle.


Axle too soft? 
By removing your hubs and sliding an insert in on both sides you will incrementally stiffen your axle. The insert are almost half the length of your axle. ​


Axle too hard with inserts? 
By cutting a little length off the inserts this will soften your axle some. The shorter the inserts the softer the axle. ​


Track hard on left turns? 
Try putting an insert in on only the right side of the kart. This will help the outside tire plant and the inside tire to lift. 


Track hard on rights turns? 
Try putting and insert in on only the left side of the kart. This will help the outside tire plant and the inside tire to lift. 


Chassis feels like it binds up in corners? 
Try inserting a center insert. This will only stiffen the center of the axle leaving the outsides at a softer state. 

You can see how there is truly an infinite number of solutions to tune your axle. This now gives you 100% control of your axle instead of settling for 3-4 different axle "hardnesses".

What to expect from TYCA
We have spent several years researching and testing different grades of steel and changing the properties so that we can lock in a very consistent axle in both low and high speed dynamic racing situations. 

Our axle is manufactured in-house ensuring high quality from the raw materials to the end product. Strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process ensures a high quality axle each and every time. The axle you buy today will perform exactly the same as the one you purchase two years from now. We require the material be made to a specification that has about 20% tighter tolerances on the material properties than standard steel specifications.

The results of our stringent quality and performance makes TYCA’s Golden Axle the obvious choice.

What does the rear axle affect and control?

The rear axle of the kart is your rear suspension and anti-roll bar (sway bar). 

If your kart understeers (Front End Push) hard in the corners, this can be corrected using several techniques. One method to try is to "soften up" the rear axle. This will allow the kart to pivot more about the inside rear tire due to the axle sitting into place and absorbing some of the energy. 

If your kart is oversteering (Rear End is sliding loose), one method is to stiffen the rear axle. This will allow the tires to plant more firmly to the ground and generate more heat into the tires, allowing them to stick to the track more. Although this has limits. If your kart is extremely stiff and your axle is as stiff well, it can actually cause the kart oversteer again due to the inside wheel wanting to lift and your tires heating up way too much. 


How does cheap steel effect this? 
It is common knowledge that there are different stiffness of axles. The stiffness ranges from soft to extra hard. When talking about stiffness most people think it’s how much the axle bends in a static state (not moving).

Using cheap steel and changing the material hardness to get the stiffness you need appears like it would accomplish a driver’s need. The problem with this theory is that the karts are never sitting still. These are dynamic machines and all suspension decisions need to be approached from a dynamic dimension. This is where cheap steel lacks significantly.

When the axle is spinning and bending constantly back and forth it generates heat. When cheap steel heats up it loses a lot of its characteristics. This is why your axle feels different at the start of the race than it does at the end of the race.

Also to get the axle stiffness karters desire you have to quench cheap steel which brings the static stiffness and dynamic stiffness too close together and this greatly harms the axle’s performance. 

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