A division of TYCA Technologies, TYCA Karting offers the highest quality axles and axle accessories on the market. Our products feature cutting-edge technology giving drivers exceptional on track performance.

With over 35 years of experience and expertise, TYCA Technologies brings its extensive experience and expertise in motorsports and applies it to the karting world. TYCA specializes in advanced manufacturing, metallurgical and motorsports development.

Every TYCA component is bespoke designed, developed and studied thoroughly to ensure the quality and performance of every part we produce.




National competing drivers

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Top 10 SKUSA Super Nat. (KZ2)

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Cameron Bryant

Managing Member

Alfio Arcidiacono

Vehicle Dynamicist



“When I tested the TYCA axle, what I noticed first off was more stability in cornering and braking......on turn entry, mid corner and corner exit especially. I had the feeling that the kart had better grip without binding the chassis. I am very impressed with this axle as I have never experienced this feeling in a kart in all the years I have been racing!!”

"In my opinion, this axle has very good and promising future, it could  potentially  change  the basics of karting setup approach and on track performance. I like the idea of simplicity and in the long run cost effectiveness . The straightness and roundness of the axle is impressive."

Darko Orcic

Robby Mott

"The overall difference between these axles and the kart manufacture axles, is that these axles create more overall grip and stability throughout the corners. In tight and slower corners the axle feels soft but gives you a good chassis rotation. Meanwhile, in the high speed corners the axles behaviour changes and stiffens up, giving you more confidence and grip throughout the high speed sections of the track. The overall feeling is that you have 3 axles (soft, medium and hard) built in one. "

Phillip Orcic



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